asked to create a special-sized sheet that would prevent liquid penetration and allow for a quick cleanup to change over the room for the next surgery.

Privacy curtains

One of the chief complaints by many patients is that hospitals are so noisy it makes it dif- fi cult to rest or sleep. Chinook Acoustics Inc, has a solution. Daana Denzel, Vice President, Operations, describes their HUSH Curtain as “an acoustical privacy curtain that absorbs noise, creating a quiet, private, and peaceful environment in healthcare facilities. HUSH Curtain incorporates vertical pockets into its design that house acoustic inserts. Installing HUSH Curtain in place of regular cubicle cur- tains, introduces a large amount of absorptive material into an otherwise noisy, reverberant hospital environment. HUSH Curtain meets the weight requirement of any standard track, and it installs easily.” Denzel said the HUSH Curtain is a custom product, built to each client’s specifi cations. “It can be built with standard fi re-rated polyester cubicle-curtain material that is laundered like normal cubicle curtains, or it can be built with a vinyl-coated linen that is antimicrobial for the lifetime of the product and can be disin- fected and wiped clea n in place.” Cleaning and disin- fecting a curtain while it is hanging can save hos- pitals huge costs over laundering traditional cubicle curtains, ex- plained Denzel. “Since the curtain is wiped clean in place, there are no laundry costs, and no labor needed to take dirty curtains down and

It’s amazing what patterns can reveal.

If you know how to read them.

install clean curtains. There is no need to invest in spare curtains to have on hand when a curtain is changed out. And, fi nally, it avoids the room downtime that is necessary when having to wait for a regular curtain to be changed out. Cubicle curtains are notorious for being

KleenEdge's Protocol Software Technology for cubicle curtains

cleaned infrequently and harboring bacteria and germs.” Another important point in its favor is that it enables faster room turnover, noted Denzel. “By using our Clean in Place HUSH Curtain panel, a hospital has the ability to disinfect the curtain after every discharge easily and quickly.”

HUSH Curtain is an acoustical privacy curtain that absorbs noise.

KleenEdge offers technology for cubicle curtains that allows hospitals to set propri- etary protocols for their curtain exchanges. Karen Goelst, President, explained how it works. “Once set, the software will auto- matically manage and fl ag the exchange, while also gathering meaningful data, including isolation-room (ISO) exchanges (documenting MRSA, C. diff, VRE) in the background, to quantify the impact of ex- change frequency on HAIs and ISO occurrences.” Goelst pointed out that, currently, no such data exists. According to Goelst, Kleen- Edge’s cubicle track allows a curtain to be installed within three seconds, for an eighty percent reduction in labor. Installation does not require tall ladders or special gad-

Are more affordable medical and surgical products, consumables, and equipment – ones that cost less but still satisfy your physicians’ pref- erences –in your future? They can be, with SupplyCopia’s Product and Procedure Standardization solution.

Powered by the latest algorithms and machine learning, our one- of-a-kind solution automatically discerns the patterns hidden in millions of line items of structured and unstructured procedure data. It instantly standardizes names and nomenclature, maps them by hos- pital or organization, accounts for all possible variables – and delivers a best-fit recommendation supple- mented by a clinical team review.

gets. “Our products profoundly simplify day-to-day operations; more importantly, they create a safer environment for patients and staff by facilitating more frequent curtain exchanges, thus mitigating HAIs. The Leading Edge Panel with 7-day Timestrip, which in- dicates when it is time to remove and replace the panel, provides a sanitary touchpoint for the lead- ing edge of the curtain. The edge of the curtain is the number six high-risk touchpoint in the patient room and is frequently contaminated after just one week of hanging, according to some white papers.”

KleenEdge offers both reusable and 100 percent recyclable standardized panels with their proprietary Near Field Communication Technology and Quick-Load feature. “In our opinion,” stated Goelst, “recyclable is the optimal choice, as it costs substantially less and will eliminate high inventory and laundering costs, including the cost of lost and damaged curtains in the laundering process. Also, multiple white papers have indicated that bacteria oftentimes survive on the textile curtain despite laundering.” HPN


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