a clean Soteria Bed Barrier,” explained Rippe. He said the bed turnover time is significantly shorter, and no damaging hard-surface dis- infectants are required for mattress cleaning. As a result, the useful life and integrity of expensive patient mattresses can be ex- tended. A unique barcoded inspection and documentation process are also performed by laundry staff.

Adherence to CDC guidelines on launder- ing addresses the threat of pathogens, using detergent, high heat, and chlorine-based disinfection processes. Rippe added, “The bar- coded bed barrier is inspected at the laundry to ensure a sound surface for the next patient. Cross-transmission risk is greatly reduced by the consistent, repeatable Soteria laundry process. It works by preventing bacteria such as C. diff, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and vancomycin-resistant En- terococcus (VRE) from passing in either direc-

Trinity Guardion's Soteria Bed Barrier

tion, to or from the mattress and bed deck. The system is designed to maintain its micro- barrier capability through 200 Soteria-prescriptive, CDC-com- pliant launderings. An indepen- dent laboratory test validated that the Soteria laundry process consistently delivers greater than a 99.9999 percent reduction of C. diff, mycobacterium, and other pathogenic bacteria.” As supporting evidence of efficacy, Rippe referred to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control that concluded use of a launderable cover for mattresses and bed decks of hospital beds was associated with a decreased rate of healthcare-associated C. diff infection in two long-term acute-care hospitals.3

Another study also found that use of the Trinity Guardion bed cover resulted in decreased C. diff infection.4

Peel Away Labs has a product designed to reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Peelaways is a multi-layered, 100 percent waterproof, disposable, fitted bed sheet that al- lows clinicians to change bedding in less than one minute, according to Howard Brauner, Chief Operating Officer, Peel Away Labs. Ex- plaining how Peelaways reduces the potential for HAI, Brauner said, “Peelaways replaces


Peelaway sheets are both a

fitted bed sheet and a waterproof mattress protector.

the fitted sheet and is available in one, three, and five lay- ers. Each layer is 100 percent waterproof and does not allow liquids, stool, or bacteria to transmit between layers. Dis- posal of the sheets prevents the trans-

port of infected bedding through the system, thereby helping to reduce exposure to HAIs. “Peelaways is made of a proprietary blend

of fibers, including polyester for strength, viscose for absorption, and bamboo for soft- ness and its natural antimicrobial properties,” noted Brauner. “Peelaways is thirty-two percent softer than traditional sheets. The softness and ease of use provide better patient comfort with potentially fewer skin issues. Peelaways is being used in intensive care units, emergency departments, operating theaters, post-partum, isolation, patient transport, and many more areas in the healthcare world.” Brauner also noted that Peelaways can save on costs by allowing for better manage- ment of staff time and by reducing linen loss, particularly in the emergency department. As for the operating theater, Peelaways was

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Your facility’s highest priority is patient care. Minimizing pressure ulcers helps patients and also helps improve the bottom line. In the only real-world observational study to date on over 1 million patients in 38 academic medical centers (AMCs), Mepilex®

Border demonstrated a

savings of $77 in treatment costs per patient, saving an average AMC between $200k - $600k annually in pressure ulcer treatment costs.1

Only proprietary Mepilex Border with Deep DefenseTM

technology has the science, engineering, and clinical evidence that decision-makers need to feel confident in their selection of a pressure ulcer prevention dressing. And that’s the truth. Get the complete story at

1. Padula WV. Effectiveness and value of prophylactic 5-layer foam sacral dressings to prevent hospital-acquired pressure injuries in acute care hospitals. An observational cohort study. Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing. 2017. 44(5):413-419.

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