“Encompass Dis- posable Staff Appar- el is fresh with each use,” said Terrell, “to help reduce the risk of cross-contamina- tion and to reduce costs associated reus- able products used by vendors and visitors. It is a comfortable and cost-effective alterna- tive for new fathers/ birthing partners.”

is walking. Brink highlighted this point, “Comfortable robes also help children stay calmer, because they don’t see the lines all day.” Brink outlined some areas in

Encompass Disposable Staff Apparel — in Evolution and Essentials product portfolios

If you have ever been a hospital patient, you know that southern exposure can be an em- barrassing problem. Boca Terry has a solution that preserves patients’ modesty. Jyll Brink, Healthcare Sales Manager, described their bathrobe as it relates to patient satisfaction. “With the implementation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provid- ers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, we real- ized the patient’s comfort and need for dignity played a huge part in the fi nal impression the patient had and that our bathrobes could aid in that impression; hence, the Medi-Robe was born. “We took our high-qual- ity bathrobes and added snaps on the sleeves from collar to cuff, allowing quick access to the patient for tests,” explained Brink. “Patients can stay in the Medi-Robe throughout the day. To walk the halls, the IV lines are fed through the sleeves, and the patient is 100 percent covered front and back.” A chest pocket with a slit accommodates a monitor while the patient

Boca Terry Medi-Robe

which cost is affected positively: The robes are designed for daily industrial washing and hospi- tal disinfecting requirements. HCAHPS scores may rate higher because patients who use the high-end robes may perceive the hospital offers higher-quality of care. Fewer blankets may have to be purchased and washed, because patients stay warm in the Medi-Robe, even when in cold rooms while having tests performed, when formerly multiple blankets may have been used. “End result,” said Brink, “is Medi-Robes only need to be washed when they get soiled or the patient is dismissed.” Boca Terry offers more than

twenty fabrics to choose from. “All robes are custom designed to meet the needs of the in- dividual hospital,”

said Brink. “Add your hospital logo, and you are all set.”

Environmental cleaning Microfiber hit the market like gangbusters some years ago and shows no sign of slowing down. Nevertheless, insights acquired over time have led to advances in the technology. Matt Schiering, Chief Marketing Offi cer, talked about what sets apart Contec’s PREMIRA non-disposable mi- crofi ber mopping solution. “Mi- crofi ber only works well the fi rst

time it’s used. After that, it’s a magnet for dirt and contagion.” Schiering believes, “Contec Premira Disposable Microfi ber Pads provide superior dirt and debris removal compared to reusable textiles such as cotton or laundered microfi ber mops.” Schiering explained how the pads may help to reduce transmission of HAIs. “Premira Pads dramatically reduce cross-contamination risks, because a new pad is used each time. Disposable microfi ber cleaning products, used with appropriate detergents and disinfec- tants, provide superior and consistent results without the risk of cross-contamination in the healthcare environment.”

Premira Disposable Microfi ber Pad

Other advantages of the pads include compatibility with most mop hardware, al- lowing them to fi t eas- ily into supply chains and cleaning protocols; bleach-safe; 100 percent synthetic; and they will not neutralize quater- nary- or peroxide-based disinfectants. Schiering referred to the results found in Contec’s white-paper,

published in 2015 and reissued in 2017, indi- cating that “laundered healthcare textiles, such as microfi ber mops and wipes, are diffi cult to clean and disinfect through multiple laundry cycles, resulting in damage to the physical structure of the textiles and retention of or- ganic residues and debris, including viable bacteria and fungi. In contrast,” said Schiering, “the use of disposable microfi ber products ensures that the textile fi bers are optimized for cleaning, without the risk of contamination by debris or microbes. While the transition from cotton to microfi ber cleaning tools has improved cleaning effectiveness and effi- ciency, evidence from published studies and 55% Scan SCAN BED ONE CURTAIN TAG INFO 2:30 PM 1 2 Current curtain 04:4d:38:8a:27:49:81 Headwall 04:b2:39:8a:27:49:80 3 New curtain 04:2f:37:8a:27:49:81

Installed: Term:


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