immune compromised areas such as the NICU, Transplant, Burn, ICU,” Mueller continued. “However, with new recent standards ASHRAE and CMS implement- ing measures, hospitals are forced to ensure they prevent exposure of these pathogens and related infections.”

The FILT’RAY 2G point-of-use filters by aqua-tools utilizes a technology called Bubl’air Wash, a patented membrane cleaning mechanism which allows for longer lasting fi lters (up to 4 months, com- pared to 1 or 2 months for other fi lters) so facilities can reduce risk with less expense and time. A poster presented recently at the NSF Legionella conference focused on the longer lasting, cost-effective benefi ts of the aqua-tools technology. (Please contact aqua-tools for scientifi c references.) Hospital sink drains are another notori- ous harbinger of many waterborne patho- gens, including Pseudomonas Maltophilia, Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Candida, Acinetobacter, Burkholderia Cepacia and E. Coli, says Samantha Simmons, MBA, Director of Innovation, Boehringer Labo- ratories, LLC. And once these pathogens become aerosolized, trouble lurks. “This

happens when the faucet is turned on and the water hits the biofi lm residing in the sink drains,” sa id Simmons. “These microscopic biofi lm particles are then released into the air, spreading the pathogens con- tained in the biofi lm

Society for Health- care Epidemiology of America (SHEA) in April 2018.

Boehringer Laboratories’ BioDome drain cover

throughout the patient room. For immu- nocompromised patients, such as the pa- tients in the intensive care units and burn units, this is a major concern. Any unit in which immunocompromised patients can expect a long length of stay are particularly susceptible to waterborne gram negative infections.”

Facilities now have access to an effect and inexpensive innovation from Boeh- ringer called the BioDome, a plastic, disposable sink drain cover that prevents water backsplash and aerosolization of pathogens without disrupting water fl ow. The solution was recently presented in a poster presentation by Dr. Curtis Dons- key, an infectious disease specialist, at the

“Before BioDome, the only effective solution to mitigate drain-borne patho- gens was to remove sinks from patient care areas, which is costly and difficult

to implement,” said Simmons. “Pour- ing disinfectants down sink drains was thought to be an additional option, how- ever this resulted in only transient suppres- sion of bacterial colonization as published by SHEA. As a result, the BioDome sink drain cover is the only available and ef- fective solution in preventing dispersal of gram-negative bacilli from contaminated sink drains.”

It’s also affordable, costing less than $1.00 a day. “The Environmental Services staff simply places BioDome in the sink, secur- ing it in place with its suction fi ttings,” said Simmons. “After fi ve days or upon patient discharge, Biodome is then removed, dis- posed and replaced.” HPN


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