ates the documents needed to submit with the samplers for testing. We sell samplers as a complete kit — use instructions, the sampler, and lab request form — with prepaid testing services, so there is only a one-invoice event.”

), and it can be very diffi cult to isolate and prevent,” Baum explained. “Of the increasing cases of Legionnaires disease, while many outbreaks (defi ned as 2 or more cases from the same source) are the result of cooling towers, 80 percent or so of overall cases are the result of domes- tic hot water exposure. This exposure can be prevented by utilization of secondary disinfection, which, if the most effective technology is properly applied, can pro- vide nearly fl awless results.

Ripple affect of water treatment John Baum from Craft Products Company, which sells the Sanipur line, said because of the rise in Legionnaires (450 percent increase in cases since the turn of the cen- tury) facilities are seeking help to keep the bacteria out of their water system. “The bacteria thrive in the water sys- tems in facilities due to the functional temperatures of water in these systems (80 — 120o

“Multiple independent

third-party researchers world-wide have con- fi rmed that applying site generated monochlo- ramine to the domestic hot water system is the most effective method of remediating systems that are inoculated with Legionella bacteria. This is because the presence of higher levels of bacte- ria are found there, and in the fi xtures served by

that water, not in the cold water source or piping.”

Craft Products’ Sanikill is a patented monochloramine generation system that applies the technology while preventing any possible by-products as it consistently provides a targeted effective level of disin- fectant. Baum explains further. “Treating ONLY the domestic hot water, and not the entire fl ow of water into the facility, the sys- tem where the bacteria multiply and create dangerous exposure is effectively rendered harmless while the rest of the water in the facility does not contain additional chemi- cals or potentially dangerous by-products.

Data capture solutions

Sanipur’s Sanikill

Every installed unit is monitored on-line 24 hours/7 days via the internet and has mul- tiple alarm features so that operation is generally uninter- rupted, providing extremely consistent results.” (Please con- tact Craft’s Products Company for scien- tific studies on the efficacy of Sanikill technology).

for every area of healthcare

When it comes to tackling Legionella pneumophila, Dan Mueller, Director, aqua-tools, says facilities have even greater reason to act, reminding readers of the re- cent new standards, ASHRAE 188, released earlier this year. They affect anyone in- volved in design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and service of centralized building water systems and components. The standard includes a description of environmental conditions that promote the growth of Legionella and annexes and bibliography with suggestions, recommendations, and references to additional guidance. “More recent data is pointing to other waterborne pathogens as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii as sources of infections in hospitals,” Muel- ler added. “Point-of-Use water fi lters have been proven to be an effective strategy as a physical barrier to water borne pathogens and prevent infections. However, the cost and frequent changing out of the point-of- use fi lters can be an obstacle. “The U.S. is behind other areas of the

world, such as Europe, in recognizing water as a source of infections and imple- menting guidelines such as point-of-use filters on shower heads and faucets of

Point-of-use water fi lter from

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