ponents to overheat, and power supplies and hard drives to shut down. Overall system performance may become erratic and unreliable. Extreme temperatures can contribute to premature aging of critical circuitry.” He added that low-temperature environments, unless extreme, usually have no bearing on medical equipment function. If the temperature does reach a critically low stage, and is later introduced to a warmer environment, there could be trouble. “Extreme temperature swings can contribute to premature aging of critical circuitry,” Pandit said.

“The Glassbeam Environmental Vari- able Monitoring product monitors the health of the medical equipment,” he con- tinued. “It acts as the fi rst line of defense to detect symptoms of specifi c physical, mechanical, electronic, or electrical issues that may impact equipment performance. Glassbeam’s advanced analytics enable the ability to detect these symptoms or failures before major escalations or cata- strophic system shutdowns. In addition, monitoring the environmental variables of the support equipment can prolong the life of the medical equipment.”

Healthcare professionals breathe easier

BioDome™ Disposable Sink Drain Cover Mitigate the Risks of Drain Borne Pathogens

Keeping healthcare professionals safe from certain drugs, chemicals and other irritants that pose health and safety risks is also a necessary step in a healthcare facilities’ safety plan. Whether it be us- ing proper surgical smoke evacuation tools in the operating room, protecting pharmacists and nurses that handle dan- gerous chemotherapy agents, or avoiding chemical exposure in the sterile processing department, products and practices exist to keep everyone under the healthcare umbrella safe. Monitoring technology works to protect healthcare workers and maintain compli- ance requirements for a variety of chemi- cals used across departments. The Assay Technology air samplers, for example, are used to detect formaldehyde and xylene in sample prep labs; ethylene oxide, glu- taraldehyde, OPA, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid in sterile processing de- partments, as well as nitrous oxide and halogenated anesthetic gases on the OR. “Our samplers have a list of over 200

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® 800-642-4945 800-642-4945 Visit

vapors that may be collected using the samplers and then analyzed by our AIHA accredited laboratory,” said Beth Green, Marketing Manager, Assay Technology. “Personnel need to be monitored periodi- cally, in order to determine any exposure levels to these regulated chemicals. This is particularly important for pregnant women working in areas with anesthetic gases. It can be a challenge to collect samples with traditional air sampling methods of pump and tube/cassette, as they are heavy and cumbersome. “Assay Technology air samplers are lightweight, easy to use, and cost-effec- tive,” she continued. “On average, the cost per badge, pre-paid for analysis is about $50 each. It is an inexpensive way to meet JCAHO requirements to monitor. These samplers are about the size of a quarter and simply opening the sampler cover starts the collec- tion. Then, the sampler is

closed when the

sampling time is com- plete. We also have an app available to use on your smart device that logs the ID, test date and time, and sample for testing, and then gener-

The Assay

Technology air sampler badge

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