Sweet surgical suite What follows is an alphabetical listing of t

he leading manufacturers of surgical tables, lights

and booms, along with links to key product lines worth noting with all the necessary details. Biodex - • Tables: CV Medical - • Booms: Getinge - • Booms: • Lights: • Tables: Hill-Rom - • Booms: • Lights: • Tables: and

Image Diagnostics - • Booms: • Tables: IMRIS - • Booms and Tables: Karl Storz - • Booms, Lights and Tables: Midmark - • Lights: Siemens Healthineers - • Booms and Tables: STERIS - • Booms: • Lights: • Tables: Stryker - • Booms, Lights and Tables: equipment/infrastructure-and-room-design/or.html

Noteworthy products

BIODEX: The NEW Surgical C-Arm Table 840 from Biodex is designed for image-guided fluoroscopic procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration- free positioning are essential. Latest model includes a stainless steel base, larger radiolucent area, exclusive SmoothGlide movement and isocentric lateral roll motion to help ensure a clear image.

IMRIS: The iMRI capability necessitates a surgical table that meets several challenging requirements: It must seamlessly integrate with the workflow of the surgical staff, allow for precise positioning of the patient within the magnet, have sensors integrated within the control system that are monitoring the magnet, and be compatible with the high fields produced by the magnet. Since the first iMRI case was performed in 1997, IMRIS has developed four generations of unique surgical tables, the newest in collaboration with Hill-Rom (Trumpf Medi- cal), and that combines an IMRIS MR-compatible surgical table top with the Trumpf TruSystem 7500 platform. Fully integrated with the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, the system also offers an interchangeable tabletop to accommodate multiple specialties.


cal table is that it doesn’t come into contact with the scanner, which greatly simplifies these chal- lenges. However, the current table cannot reach deep enough into the scanner to enable the lower spine to be scanned.”

How about a self-driving table?

“In the near future, we anticipate that surgical tables will allow digital communication between the table and C-Arm,” Biodex Medical’s Schubert predicted. “Through this digital software en- hancement, movement between the table and C-Arm will be integrated, moving together — like a self-driving car. This type of integration will help alleviate worries about damage to the table, keep the C-Arm from touching the patient, and simplify positioning.”

Tables connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) may drive innovation, according to Derrick. “’Smart’ tables can now sync with software like the STERIS RealView to give surgeons better data during procedures,” he said. “It’s inevitable that the table and the navigation robots will be better linked in the future, both through software and likely as one seamless piece of equipment. The integration between multiple pieces of equipment isn’t that far off. Innovation in the way OR’s handle waste is constant; SERRES, a Finnish manufacturer of fluid waste management equipment, is introducing a new system this year called the NEMO. This is a replacement for the old ‘hopper’ systems present in many older ORs. This equipment makes it easier for clinicians to get waste from the surgical table and procedure area to the central waste repository. It may not be long until systems like the NEMO are integrated with the tables themselves.” HPN

Image Diagnostics: S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical has learned how to further increase the light performances of high-end surgical lights while reducing overall power consumption. The result of this development was the patented Sim. POD technology – an aluminum-coated reflec- tor that is formed around a base with 3 LEDs. Sim.POD technology allowed SIMEON Medical to manufacture the first LED surgical light with natural white LEDs, outstanding technical specifications and a maximum light intensity of 160.000 lux that offered a power consumption of less than 90 Watts. Image Diagnostics and S.I.M.E.O.N. are partnering to launch this surgical lighting technology in the U.S. in 2018.

Brewer Company: Are you looking to install a multi-tasking procedure table in your OR? Brewer’s AssistPRO Power Procedure Table offers 4-function program- mability that accommodates multiple positions for a variety of procedures. The easy-to-use two-step programming method relies on a standard hand pendant and foot control pad. The AssistPRO can be lowered to 19 inches, facilitating wheelchair transfers, and can accommodate larger patients courtesy of its 450-pound weight capacity and a 5-inch leg extension and sports a 3-point pivot headrest. The AssistPRO is available in 12 standard seamless upholstery colors, carries a standard 3-year warranty and requires a 7-day lead-time, customary with all Brewer Power Tables.

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