this information through the dashboard helps Mercy ensure the right patient has the right procedure using the right implant for the best outcome.”

Rocchio also related that Mercy’s system

elevates the level of patient care while considering fi nancial constraints, which is especially helpful given that ASCs tend to operate on limited budgets and a smaller staff. “Mercy’s perioperative analytics platform provides leaders insight into

our own operations, while enabling us to compare Mercy’s ASCs to other like-size surgery centers to fi nd benchmarks and best practices. Additionally, ASCs often have working managers who are spending time with the patient, not leaving time to scour data and reports. These managers benefi t from the dashboard’s automation and instant insight.”

The system’s cost and outcomes analysis feature is also a valuable tool that helps to

Why Add Microbes to Your Mop Bucket?

identify which surgical products are the most cost-effective and deliver the best clini- cal outcomes for Mercy’s surgical patients while eliminating those deemed unsuitable or less effective. “We were able to reduce the use of the ultrasonic devices, a surgical technology used to minimize intraoperative blood loss,” said Rocchio. “Where there was no clinical evidence of its benefi t, Mercy was able to steward resources and pass on cost savings to surgical patients.”

The truth is that microfiber really works best the first time it’s used.

After that, it’s just a magnet for nasties— Hair, lint, fungi, mold, even spores— recirculating through the laundry.

Microfiber, while great at grabbing up bioburden from hospital floors or surfaces, is terrible at letting go even when washed. So why take that risk with tonight’s OR terminal cleaning?

PREMIRA® Microfiber Pads are

revolutionary. New microfiber every time because our products are disposable. Superior bioburden removal and liquid sorbtion every time because PREMIRA products are single use. And white in color because they can be, unlike those fuzzy, graying mops that hide dirt and microbes in your laundry bins.

So simplify your cleaning life, EVS and OR Techs! Eliminate logistical headaches, Purchasing Managers! Get cleaner environmental surfaces, Infection Preventionists! And rest easier nursing staff and patients, because the Single Use Revolution is coming.

Simple. Efficient. Clean. © 2016 Contec, Inc. • 864-503-8333 Visit 32 July 2016 • HEALTHCARE PURCHASING NEWS •

PREMIRA® Microfiber Pads

• Eliminate Cross-Contamination • Doesn’t Neutralize Disinfectants • Consistently Better Cleaning • Optimize Staff Efficiency • Smaller Storage Footprint • Clinically Superior

Tracking surgical activities with imaging technology is another way for ASCs to ad- here to best practices. Eddie Mitchell, CEO, Image Stream Medical, said some facilities are using the company’s technology to improve clinical collaboration through the sharing of surgical video and pictures. “For example, AAAASF requires ASC commit- ment to quality assessment and improve- ment,” Mitchell said. “Recording surgical imagery and clinician activities during a case allows ASCs to highlight examples of clinicians performing best practices and modeling ways of communicating that improve teamwork and outcomes. Image Stream content management capabilities give ASCs secure access to this information for all kinds of quality improvement, staff review, onboarding, research, and educa- tional purposes.”

Image Stream Medical’s EasySuite family of recording, image capture, and content management solutions

To underscore how patient safety is just as important in an ASC as it is in the acute-care environment, Mitchell drew a parallel line between acute-care versus non-acute care and inpatient versus outpatient activities, explaining how Image Stream technology supports compliance with best practices. “AAAASF requires a ‘surgical-pause’ or ‘time-out’ protocol be conducted prior to each procedure to avoid wrong-surgery and wrong-site errors. Image Stream builds a time-out function right into the room’s pre- operative workfl ow, so that it’s not missed. The time-out function automatically brings the ASC’s specifi c pause protocol up on all displays in the room, and it adjusts the lights and music so that everyone can pay attention during this important step in a procedure.”

Mitchell explained further why their product is particularly appropriate for

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