Laurie Clark, BS, MT, (ASCP), Senior Manager, Medical Sciences and Clinical Education, Halyard Health.

“This patented process affords Halyard gloves increased

tensile strength and a reduction in glove thickness, resulting in added comfort while providing pro- tection from exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious materi- als,”8

PURPLE NITRILE Exam Glove by Halyard Health

Clark said. “In a highly competitive market such as exam gloves, quality can be a signifi cant point of differentiation. In order to deliver the highest quality possible, Halyard owns its own manufac- turing facility in Thailand and requires

the AQL specifi cations for all of its exam gloves to exceed ASTM standards. Moreover, by offering a portfolio of powder-free nitrile exam gloves at easy-to-understand graduated levels of protection, Halyard makes it easy to choose the right glove for the right task.”

Ansell’s glove portfolio, which includes two new nicely priced styles — the ENCORE Perry Style 42 PF and ENCORE Sensi- Touch PF — also provides a number of unique features. “Our curved anatomical formers create a glove with a more natural fi t, decreasing the probability of hand fatigue,” said Pam Werner, MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR, Clinical Consultant, Medical Solutions Global Business Unit, Ansell. “Grip choices allow for secure grip and our Surefi t Technology, a cuff enhancement feature to pre- vent cuff roll down during a procedure, helps prevent unintentional contamina- tion at the sterile fi eld. Our Derma Shield inner polymer coating enhances damp- hand donning. “Rigorous testing to meet quality stan- dards, from both a regulatory and manu- facturer perspective, as well as internal testing and control measures, help assure the end user that the glove is providing superior barrier protection,” continued Werner. Ansell also introduced its SMART Pack packaging technology, a customizable dispenser that gives users easy access to gloves with two opening choices and easier product identifi cation. It uses 45 percent less shelf space and reduces packaging waste and CO2


“The bottom line is that end users want to be protected from blood and blood borne pathogens while still being able to func- tion effectively in the healthcare environment,” Werner said. HPN


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Ansell Non-Latex PI Green gloves with SMART Pack dispenser

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The Genesis container system consistently provides a return on your investment and is a green alternative to sterilization wrap. Look for the distinctive orange gaskets, handles and ID tags.

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